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About the owners

Kerry and Kellie were seeking a change of pace in life, so decided to purchase these lovely colonial cottages. The cottages were bought with a view to fully restoring these beautiful buildings back to their former glory. We hope you enjoy our lovely pet-friendly Colonial Cottages as much as we do.

Kerry and Kellie, your hosts, do not disturb you during your stay and accordingly we do not service the cottages every day whilst they are occupied. We like our customers to relax as much as possible and feel free to enjoy the cottage’s amenities.

Kellie was involved in a car accident in July 2014 on the way to Strahan to live, causing her to have a stroke. Kellie sometimes has difficulty in finding the right words. You can help by talking short sentences, giving her extra time and asking yes/no questions. Thank you.

Both Kerry and Kellie are animal lovers and have made each of the cottages pet friendly.


Kellie & Kerry

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